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HIDE-A-WAY DOORS - Parts & Accessories 


Adjustable Shelf

Type: Adjustable Shelving 

Construction: Real Wood no MDF 

Fits 24"min to 48"max

Starting at $22.50 ea Financing Available

shelf pins.jpg

Shelf Pins

Type: Shelf Support

Construction: Metal 

Fits 1/4" Hole

Starting at 4 for $1.50


Bookcase Latch

Type: Bookcase Latch

Construction: Metal & Plastic 

Sizes 1" x 2"

Starting at $44.95

mini-top hinge and pin.jpg

Top Hinge & Pin

Type: Top Hinge & Threaded Pin

Construction: Metal 

Fits Bookcase doors

Starting at: $29.95


Cabinet Doors

Type: Cabinet Doors

Construction: Real Wood 

Sizes: Varies

Starting at: $115.00 Ea


Cabinet Door Hinge

Type: 1/2"Overlay Cabinet hinge

Construction: Metal 

Fits: All cabinet doors

Starting at $1.50 Ea.


Electronic Strike

Type: Fail-Safe Strike

Rated: 1,000 lbs

Construction: Metal 

Fits Bookcase & Mirror Doors

(New Style Locking)

Starting at: $75.00


Battery Back-up Sys

Type: Plug & Play

Construction: EATON

Sizes: 13.2 x 5.5 x 3.4 inches

Starting at: $199.95 Ea.

Battery BU orderin
Electronic strike

Spice Rack Kit

Type: 2 Polished Bars

Construction: Metal 

Fits: 24"-48" Doors

Starting at $29.95 ea


Replacement Key 

Type: Mechanical Lock Keys

Construction: Metal 

Fits: bookcase doors only

Starting at $7.99ea

EM latch & mini mag_edited.jpg


Type: Electromagnetic Lock

Construction: Metal 

Fits: Outwing Mirror Doors

Only (old-style locking)

Starting at $31.95 ea

Key Lock

Mechanical Key Locking System

Type: Key Lock-set

Construction: Metal 

Fits: All Bookcase Doors

Starting at $145.00 ea

Ordering M. Key Lock
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