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Lock it Up

The first step in concealing a room is by installing a Hide-A-Way Door, the second is keeping people out of your room. Hide-A-Way Doors have several options to help you do that. *Each unit (bookcase doors) comes with a latching mechanism (see below). A mechanical latch does not lock the door in place, they simply hold the doors in the closed position and supports the weight when the door is not in use.

Bookcase Doors (single, attic & alpha)

     1. Mechanical Key Lock (operates from the outside only)

     2. Electronic Strike/ Lock

          a. key fob opener

          b. key pad opener

          c. biometrics (thumbprint)

Bookcase Doors (Double Doors)

     1. Mechanical Key Lock (operates from the outside only)

     2. Electromagnetic Lock

          a. key fob opener

          b. key pad opener

          c. biometrics (thumbprint)

BiFold Doors

     1. Unfortunately, locking systems are not available for BiFold Doors (locking in development) 

Mirror Doors

A. Out-swing Mirror Door

     1. Electronic Strike

          a. key fob opener

          b. key pad opener

          c. biometrics (thumbprint)

          d. mini-mag (outswing w/ see-through mirror)

B. In-swing Mirror Door

     1. Electronic Strike

          a. key fob opener

          b. key pad opener

          c. biometrics (thumbprint)

Video Introduction to powered locks:


1. Mechanical Key Lock

The mechanical key lock is located just above the fixed middle shelf (opposite side from the hinges) and just the face frame trim. The lock is only accessible from the front side of the bookcase; the location can be hidden by placing something in front of the lock to conceal it from view.  The actual locking mechanism is attached to the side of the bookcase as seen in photo #2.


B.1 Electronic Strike


A. Rated 1000 lbs of resistance

B. *Can be Installed on:

     1. Alpha Doors (mirror doors included)

     2. Single Doors

     3. All Standard Single Doors including the attic Door

C. Used on In & Out-swing Doors


A. Easier to install than a bulky Electromagnetic lock

Installation & Retrofitting:

Installing the electronic strike is fairly simple and straight-forward on most units. Your order will ship without the strike attached to the jamb 1. to limit shipping damages and 2. to be able to pull the wiring through the mounting location and so that you can make and notch out the stud so that the back of the strike has the necessary room to fit properly on the jamb. 

Retrofitting the unit can be very difficult if not done in the factory especially on mirror doors where internal parts are best installed in the door during manufacturing. 


The strike and plunger on bookcase doors are shipped unattached to limit damage in shipping. 

Openers: Hide-A-Way Doors provides 3 types of openers (see below) for our strikes and Electromagnetic locks

     1. Key FOB 

     2. Key Pad

     3. Biometric thumbprint technology

Wiring: Typically, 110v is required to supply the power pack(s) that transforms 110v (standard household current) to 12v. All powered locking systems provided operate with 12v. It is suggested, wherever possible, to have the 110v outlet on the inside wall opposite the hinge side.

Links to our YouTube wiring videos can be found here:  Video: Wiring a Key FOB EML and are the same for all types of powered locks we provide. 

*Electronic strikes are not used on BiFold or Double Doors.

Plug & Play - Battery Backup System (NEW)
  • Reliable battery backup with silent fan-less design

  • (8) outlets total - (4) battery backup and surge protection outlets, (4) surge protection only outlets (5-15R outlets)

  • Uninterruptible power supply compatible with most modems, routers, monitors, TVs, laptops and some desktop computers (simulated output when your equipment is supported by battery) and EML systems

  • Data line surge protection for your wired network devices (10/100 Mbps RJ-45 surge protection)

  • 3-year warranty on the UPS system and internal battery (user-replaceable), plus a $25,000 load protection guarantee


Mechanical Latch

*All bookcase doors, except BiFold Doors, come standard with a mechanical latch. A simple mechanism, seen below, attaches to the side of the bookcase door opposite side of the hinges at the bottom edge of the door. We do not attach this at the factory because of the likely hood of damages in shipping. Please see our resources page for installation.

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