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Framing Requirements

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What is a "Rough Opening?" A Rough Opening or "RO" is the framed opening that your door will be mounted in; the dimensions of the Rough Opening will determine your door size (see chart below). Determining your rough opening size can be confusing, especially for someone that has never measured or ordered a door before. to limit confusion, when developing the Hide-A-Way Door, we wanted to keep things as simple and as close to conventional interior doors as possible. When receiving your door, the door should fit comfortably in your opening with roughly a 1/4" of shim space on all sides. Door size is not to be confused with the outside measurements of your unit.


Below is a basic chart that should help you determine your door size based on your Rough Opening (RO). Use the chart to help you determine your door size for all Hide-A-Way Doors.

FAQ: "What do I do if my rough opening is different from the measurements on your chart?" 

Answer: It's important for the rough opening to maintain a minimum of 2" larger on the height and width. The outer frame (jamb) of your door will be slightly smaller than your rough opening; this allows room to adjust the door in the opening during installation and also allow for expansion and contraction. Please avoid "snug fits" when installing your door.

FAQ: "So what do I do if my opening is slightly larger than needed?"

Answer: The case molding already attached on your door when it arrives will cover roughly 1-1/4" on both sides of the jambs, however; 

you don't want too much of a space between the RO and the Jambs. You may want to consider installing plywood strips to the openings to bring it within the normal 2" RO requirements. We can build your door to your custom specs on sizes, but that will result in an extra charge for programming and setup. We suggest that you consult with a professional carpenter or contractor on odd size RO before ordering for odd size openings.

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