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Question: Does your company mass produce the orders?

Answer: No, each unit is made to order. There are literally thousands of options and sizes, therefore we do not have the ability to mass produce our products.

Question: How long does it take to get my order?

Answer: Production times are affected by the number of orders that were placed prior to yours and the details of those orders. At any one time there are over a hundred orders throughout the facility in different stages of completion, so judging the time one order will take from start to finish is very difficult. 

Question: So how do I know how long it will take in production?

Answer: Every few weeks we perform an analysis on how long any random order takes in the system, then we update our production timetable based on current production time frames.

Question: Do you keep customers informed every step of the way?

Answer: No, unfortunately, because of the sheer number of orders, we do not have the resources that can update everyone during the process. However, if your order has been in for some time, we don't mind providing a status update per your request. Here is the link you can request a status update: Status Update

Question: I received a notice, "Awaiting Processing" that switched to "Processing" and that's the last update I had received, what does that mean?

Answer: We use an online e-commerce platform (Ecwid) that is generalized and limited. When an order is placed it automatically labels the order, "Awaiting Processing."

When your order is reviewed by our team and sent to the shop we switch it from awaiting processing to "Processing." The only other option in Ecwid is "Shipped" or "Ready for Pickup."

Question: Where do I enter the promo code for my order?

Answer: Click here

Ordering/ Pricing

Question: How can I get an estimate or a price for what I want?

Answer: The fastest way is to go to the page of the door you are interested in purchasing, "Single Door, Bifold, Alpha, etc." then enter in all the details you wish to go with your door, and at the top, the order form will generate a price for you based on your requested options. 

Question: What if what I want isn't on your order form

Answer: You can still get a basic idea of cost based on the sizes and other options listed on the order form, then, if you wish to speak with someone about the custom portion of your order please contact our salesman or 888-828-4534 Ext 704

Question: If I miss a sale, can you still honor the price?

Answer: We hate to say no, but unfortunately, sales event durations are determined by many factors, which include, but are not limited to current material prices, overhead and how busy the shop is just before a sale. We determine in advance how long a sales event should last by estimating the projected number of sales in that duration and set the time limit. 

Question: Do I get a discount if I order more than one door?

Answer: It all depends on how many units and what the units are. Normally, there are no discounts for up to three doors, but say you plan on ordering three large double doors; we may be able to help you with a discount.

You will need to call Brad, 888-928-4534 Ext 704


Question: If I am a past customer, do I get a discount on future orders? 

Answer: Normally not just for one door. We appreciate you coming back, and shows you know our quality. Because we build with real wood and our efforts to keep our products as affordable as possible, there really isn't much of a markup on the doors unless more than 3 units are purchased at one time.


Question: Does your company inspect orders before they ship?

Answer: Absolutely, 100% of the time. Not only is your order thoroughly inspected before it leaves our facility, we photograph it and all its contexts several times before and after it is crated for delivery. Now, we are human and make mistakes occasionally, but we do have checks and balances in place to limit a mistake from leaving our facility.

Question: What do I do if I am missing parts to my order?

Answer: We have found that most of the time smaller parts

are misplaced on site. This is especially true for active job sites. Occasionally, one or more of the combination 3 set washers located between the lower hinges pop off in shipping. The washers are of a proprietory size and supplementing then from washers found at one of the big box stores will not work. The first place to check is in the packaging your unit was sent in; otherwise, parts can be ordered from this website. (currently not available) please email


Question: How long is the transit time?

Answer: Our facility is located in Morristown, TN. All three of the freight companies we use suggest nationwide 3-5 days, but that is not a guarantee, it is just an estimate to give the customers an idea on timing. 

Question: I see curbside, I live on a long driveway why can't this be delivered to my door?

Answer: Unfortunately, due to the size of the units after they have been crated, we must use freight companies to deliver., the packages are too large for UPS, FedEx and some of the other home delivery services. Because the products will arrive on a large truck, the freight companies, as a rule, do not want their drivers to navigate narrow and/ or gravel driveways where they can hit low-lying branches, get stuck or do damage to personal property or driveways. They will not give exceptions to this rule. If your situation is similar to what is described above, please make arrangements with the freight company to meet in another location, for example: a parking lot of a local business.  

Question: I'm dissatisfied with the freight company you hired, can I be refunded the cost of the shipping?


Question: The ship to address on the order form has changed, can I get you to deliver to another address?

Answer: Prior to shipping, sure, just let us know asap. If your order has already shipped but the freight company hasn't delivered it, there is a fee the freight company charges, it's non-negotiable, usually around $65 which pays for the rework of the paperwork and managing the goods to ship to another location. 

Question: What is a liftgate fee?

Answer: Freight companies are set up for commercial to commercial deliveries that usually have loading docks and forklifts to unload which minimizes the delivery downtime.

Liftgate service is an option provided to you if you do not have the means to unload the freight truck when it arrives. This is a pass-through cost, meaning HAWD doesn't add to that cost and covers the extra time a driver takes to use the liftgate and wear & tear on the equipment. This does not cover delivering the products anywhere other than curbside.

Question: What if I do not purchase a liftgate but determine I need it when the product arrives?

Answer: Hide-A-Way Doors' account is charged an extra $50 on our account that you are responsible to pay for by sending a check in the amount of $50 to:

Hide-A-Way Doors, LLC

325 S. Sugar Hollow Rd

Morristown, Tn 37813

Failure to pay will be reported to the credit bureau. 

Question: I want to be home when the delivery is made, how do I know when my door will arrive?

Answer: The day your order ships you will receive two notices, one from the online store's software which is a basic notification of shipment with tracking numbers and the other from us directly which details the shipping and tracking information. We have it listed in the paperwork for the freight company to call you to schedule a delivery date and time. 

Question: I was notified that my order shipped but I am unable to track it?

Answer: Your order does not go into the freight companies' system until they are done with their pickups for the day and the paperwork is uploaded into their system. This takes several hours and in some cases, it is possible that you won't be able to track it until the following day.

Question: Do you ship to countries other than Canada?

Answer: Our freight carriers are large enough to where we have the ability to ship globally, call for pricing. 


Question: I've changed my mind, can I get a refund?

Answer: Full refunds are available up to 24 hours after purchase. Because of the custom nature of our products, after 24 hours the sale is considered final and non-refundable (see terms & agreements).

Question: What if I want to return the product for a refund?

Answer: Hide-A-Way Doors stands behind our products and we strongly believe that we provide enough information & photos for our customers to make a sound decision prior to purchasing. HAWD does not assume responsibility for any ordering mistakes. (see terms & agreements)

Question: What if what I received is not what I wanted?

Answer: If we made a mistake, we do apologize, it's rare but can happen, we're human. However, we reserve the right to get your order right, if that happens by means of rework or replacement. 

Question: My order has taken longer than expected and my contractor is about finished with our project, can I cancel my order? 

Answer: No, unfortunately, in most situations your order 

has already started in productions and you won't be able to cancel 24 hours after purchasing. We also do not guarantee that our production time will match your contractor's schedule. We do, however, offer 7 & 14 day production rush guarantees at your disposal if future scheduling will be an issue for you.

Question: My order has gone past your advertised production times, do I get a refund?

Answer: No, unfortunately, standard production times are so difficult to judge, therefore they are not guaranteed. All rush orders are guaranteed based on business days, and refunded up to 25% of the rush cost if we miss the ship by date.

Question: My door was damaged in shipping, can you refund my order?

Answer: If your door was damaged in shipping we will do everything we can to make it right within the means of our policy, however; the freight companies are a third-party entity and we do not guarantee their services. 

Question: I'm dissatisfied with the freight company you hired, can I be refunded the cost of the shipping?

Answer: At HAWD we have accounts with the top 3 companies in the country to carry our freight from our facility in Tennessee to your location. Each company has terminals all across the country, our system generates the best price based on which company is closest to you saving you money on shipping. HAWD has very little control of your products after they leave our facility; they are in the legal hands of the freight company in charge to deliver your products. As in terms & agreements you had to accept during checkout, freight companies are a third-party entity and HAWD does not guarantee their services. Please direct any complaints directly to the company that was in charge of delivering your products; their information can be found in an email we sent you the day your order shipped. You are not required to use the freight companies we provide, you may choose your own.  


Question: What type of hardware do you use?

Answer: Our bookcase doors use a hinge & pin system. The hinges mount to the top and bottom of the bookcase, the weight is transferred to the floor. Our Out-swing Mirror Door hinges are specially designed to articulate away from the wall as the door swings open. Each hinge is rated for over 600lbs. 

Question: Do you sell the hardware separately? 

Answer: No, we do not sell any hinges separately, sorry.  

Question: Where can I purchase the hinges you use?

Answer: Unfortunately, we are not at liberty to say

Question: Does the mechanical key lock operate from inside the room?

Answer: The mechanical key's cylinder is attached just behind the bookcase's face frame just below mid level, therefore can not be locked, or unlocked from inside the room

Question: Do the locks (EML/ Electronic strikes) need a power source nearby?

Answer: Yes, 110v (regular house outlet) should be located near your door. The EML power packs transform the 100v to 12v power that operates the locks

Question: Are the EML/ Strikes be wired and installed in factory?

Answer: Strikes on all doors except Double and BiFold doors are installed at the facility. EML (double doors) have to be mounted and wired on-site. 

Question: Why are they (EML) not mounted at your facility?

Answer: Part of the EML has to be mounted to your wall, different wall thicknesses dictate where the locks will be mounted on the door, therefore we can not mount them in factory. 

Question: Can you build a door from wood that you don't carry in stock?

Answer: Sure, however, it requires a custom order. On our menus we have an option for custom wood choices that comes with an extra cost. The price is basically an estimate, if your choice of wood is more than the listed price we will contact you to discuss the difference in price. 

Question: Why are custom wood orders more expensive?

Answer: We have available in stock the 6 most requested wood species that work well for building doors. We are able to order these types of wood in bulk and have in stock ahead of the orders so we are able to spread out the shipping costs. Ordering in bulk for one off orders for special wood types wouldn't be an option because the requests for special wood types are not that common, therefore more expensive. 

Question: We made an ordering mistake can we exchange our door?

Answer: If you already received your door, I'm sorry, because each order is custom made we do not allow exchanges.

Question: My order hasn't shipped, can I make a change?

Answer: 1) If your order has been placed but not put into production yet: it's usually not a problem to make small changes at no extra cost. 2) Your order hasn't gone to production but your change is not minor: You'll be responsible for the difference in cost. 3) Your order has already been put into production: A $200 change order fee plus the cost of the added details will be applied

Question: Can we use our own trim?

Answer: Our doors were designed to use the trim we provide and we do not guarantee that any substitute trim will work. However, if you would like to try to use your own trim place a note in customer comments "please send trim unattached." 

Question: Can the threshold be removed and the unit be installed directly to the floor

Answer: Technically yes, but we do not suggest do that because the threshold is part of the structural integrity. The base hinges are mounted to the threshold.

production-materials- hardware

Question: Does your company install?

Answer: No, unfortunately, we only manufacture the doors. 

Our company is located in N.E. Tennessee but we ship them across the country. In most cases, a good installer, carpenter, or contractor can have a unit installed in half a day or less, so it wouldn't be worth the expense of flying someone into your location to install. 

Question: Does your company know of anyone in my area that can install your doors?

Answer: Chances are rare, but we have a few registered dealer/ installers around the country. 


Question: Can we call you if we have a problem?

Answer: While we don't normally offer phone support for installation, we are happy to take a question via email We are very responsive with answers when emailing us with your questions.


Question: I did not receive an install book how do I get one?

Answer: In order to cut down on rapidly rising costs, we no longer print installation manuals. Please see our resources page to find downloadable/ printable PDFs and a link to our installation videos. 

Question: Do you have installation videos?

Answer: Yes, we have installation and wiring EML YouTube videos, they can be found on our resource page

Question: Our wall isn't perfectly level and it is causing the door not to shut properly, what can I do?

Answer: Unfortunately, there isn't a one thing fix all type of solution, many times you have to adjust several small things to achieve a "happy medium."

Question: Other companies don't make In-Swing doors for a 2x6 framed wall, does yours?

Answer: Yes, out inswing doors will fit openings from 4-1/2" deep to 6-1/2" deep. Learn how to make an inswing door fit even deeper walls: here

Question: Why do you stain the thresholds but not paint them?

Answer: We do not paint our thresholds for two reasons: 1) Our thresholds are made from solid red oak. Red Oak has open grain patterns that make it very difficult to paint 2) We leave the threshold unpainted so the homeowner can match the color of their flooring which helps to blend the threshold better than painting it the color of the door.


Question: Will items fly off the shelf?

Answer: No, not during normal usage, however; if the doors are slammed you might expect items to fall off. 

Question: How much weight can the doors support?

Answer: The hinge manufacturer suggests a weight limit of 300 lbs, although we have never actually performed a test, we have not had any negative feedback. A safe practice would be not to overload the doors especially larger-width doors.

Question: We have large furniture we need to move into the room, can the doors be removed without having to remove the entire unit?

Answer: Yes, for out-swing doors open roughly 45* and with the assistance of a helper lift the unit off of the lower hinge pin from the middle fixed shelf and gently pull the unit towards yourself; similar for an inswing door. Then repeat the process in reverse to reattach the unit. Always make sure the washer combination remains on the lower hinge pin (silver, gold, silver). 

Question: The door seems to rub where it hasn't before, can I make some adjustments?

Answer: Yes, the doors and trim are made from wood which expands and contracts slightly and if the unit didn't acclimate properly to its enviroment before installing it might be necessary to make minor adjustments later.


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