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TIP: A Way to Gain Space (in your home) you didn't know you had

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

In the age of tiny homes and custom built closets, the search for space saving ideas is a forethought of every interior decorator and remodeler. We may, however, been overlooking a valuable space saving opportunity that has been right under our noses the whole time.

Hello, my name is Chris, I am the owner of Hide-A-Way Doors and I have been building things since I was a little kid helping my grandfather in his garage woodshop.

After I graduated back in 1988, I worked full time for a developer building homes in my area. Back then the average cost for a gallon of gas was around .80 cents. A movie ticket then was only about $3.50, and the value of an average size home was roughly $60,000 less than what it is today. Homes back then were typically larger on average then ones we are building today.

Nearing the end of 2015, a client contacted me and asked if my construction company would be interested in building a hidden door for his safe room. Intrigued, I remember thinking what a neat idea this was and couldn't think of any reason why I wouldn't want to be onboard. My client, who shall remain nameless, tasked me with not only the build but also the design work on the door with very specific design requests, "I do not want any obvious signs that it is a door and I want to be able to lock the unit."

After building the first door, it felt like so much fun that I decided to build a second to display at a local home show later that month. Despite being previously listed under my construction company's name and not advertised as having a hidden door on display, I arrived early on the second day of the event to a line full of people wanting to talk to me about my hidden door.

Our hidden bookcase door display gained so much attention that the local news-paper wrote an article about it, which in return, drove even more people away from their comfortable weekend abodes to witness what I had created firsthand.

I remember a husband and wife that walked up to me during the event. The wife said, "ok, I see your sign, where's the hidden door at?" I didn't know if they were pulling my leg, maybe one of my buddies put them up to it. Standing next to the door I gave the door a little push and it opened. The look on their faces was as if I just busted through a wall exposing all of King Tut's treasures! Just then the lady said something that hit me like a frying pan to the back of the head. "I don't have anything to hide, but that would be awesome as a pantry in our kitchen where our door leads to the basement!" It was like a lightbulb went off inside my head! I don't believe I heard another thing she said! "I've been going at this in my head all wrong," I thought to myself. This entire time from concept on the first design, through the second build and all the people I've talked to up until this point, concealment was the only thought I had in my head. I completely overlooked the massive benefit a bookcase door has to an otherwise boring and useless space of a typical doorway!

"Not just for Hiding things!"

It just makes sense," my wife Heather added, "a doorway is just a wasted space when you think about it, installing a bookcase door increases the storage capabilities around your home..."

A Bedroom Organizer Door is basically a dresser built into a door that provides so much extra storage space making them perfect even for smaller rooms. The Double Bedroom Organizer is just the right size to fit in closet openings from 4' to 6' wide adding as much as 40 Cu-Ft!

Each drawer on the Bedroom Organizer is 9-3/4" deep, the top drawers are 5" and the bottom drawers are 7" tall on the inside. The widths of the drawers vary with door size.

Love the idea, but you don't have the space to fit a large door? No problem, we make Single Bedroom Organizer Doors. Unlike our Double Bedroom Doors,

we make smaller units that fit in a single door opening as small as 30" or as large as 48" wide. You can add on several different types of custom options like shoe racks, extra drawers, extra shelves and even cabinet doors with mirrors in them.

All of our products are constructed from real wood. Throughout my years in custom building, I have found that nothing beats the sturdiness and beauty of real wood.

This is important for every project I've been involved with in my career, and especially when it comes to building a bookcase door. Unlike a conventional bookcase, a bookcase door has to be constructed not only to withstand wear and tear of normal everyday use, but it also has to carry the weight of the door and its contents as well. So, when I

started Hide-A-Way Doors, the decision to use real wood over MDF was an easy decision for me to make.

The Wine Glass Door looking for a better way to store your wine bottles? The Wine Bottle Door is another fan favorite for sure. Constructed from real wood, our doors

will not sag under weight, so there is no need for extra supports or casters to support the extra weight.

Unlike conventional doors which mount to the sides of a door's opening called jambs, our specially designed hinges transfers the weight of the bookcase and all of its contents to the floor.

Our hinge pin system and special Nylon wearproof bushings means the doors operate smoothly, and our threaded top pin makes it very easy to remove the bookcase from the opening to move large pieces of furniture in and out of a room. Our specifically designed wine bottle holders keep the bottles secured during operation while keeping them tilted towards the cork to guarantee freshness. Each door comes with two adjustable wine bottle shelves (4 with doubles) and more can be added at any time.

Our Pool Cue Door is without a doubt one of my personal favorite doors. My grandparents

had a pool table in their basement where I spent most of my time growing up with my neighborhood buddies shooting countless numbers of 8 ball games over the years.

Depending on the width of door, our Pool Cue Doors hold between 9 and 11 cues.

Our shelves are milled on one of our State of the Art CNC machines to hold the pool balls from falling off the shelves when operating the door. At the top of our Hidden Pool Cue Door is a rack holder that we 3D print in house.

Our Pool Cue Doors are great for any recreation room!

The Reverse Door is actually a dual purpose door, the front is a full length mirror and the back is a full bookcase. We found this type of door perfect for master bedrooms that have a bathroom door. Put the bookcase facing your bedroom, you instantly have more storage and organization space for your Master Bedroom and a Mirror for your Bathroom. Switch that around if more storage is what you seek for your Master Bathroom. Who couldn't use more space in their bathrooms!

Exclusive to Hide-A-Way Doors is our Double Sided Door. This was a customer's most requested design for a unique type of a door.

Basically, this unit is two bookcases in one. The front side of the door can be a normal bookcase or upgrade to our Pool Cue Door, while the back can also be upgraded to a gun cabinet. other options are available for our Hidden Double Sided Bookcase Door.

Attic Doors are simply smaller versions of their larger counterparts. Attic doors are perfect for

smaller spaces like under stairs, or rooms with lower ceiling heights like basements.

Attic doors are available in all the add on features normal size doors have, except the fixed middle shelf common on other doors are not available with the smaller doors.

The Alpha Door, it's where is all began for Hide-A-Way Doors.

Remember when I mentioned that my client had asked me to come up with a special design? Part of that request was to make the design not resemble any other hidden door company's look. It was important to him to point out that while doing the research online he noticed that like conventional doors, the doors he had seen online had small spaces on the top and bottom of the doors. "This won't work for me, having those spaces kind of defeats the purpose of having a hidden door," he claimed, and he was right!

The most obvious difference between standard bookcase doors and our Alpha Door is that there is a permanent step over. It is the primary design feature of an Alpha Door which hides the space on the bottom of the door and also makes the Alpha Door appear like a built in bookcase. The bottom section of the Alpha Doors is built into the frame of the unit, no difficult framing is required. Once installed, baseboard can be ran in front of the lower part of the door and attached to the unit. Our specialized obscure design of the Alpha Door makes it a total concealment door perfect for hiding a room.

The Alpha Mirror Doors, a bold new version of an older design.

The original Mirror Door design required customers to frame a small wall across the

bottom of their door openings. They would then have to install drywall and finish with 3 coats of drywall compound with sanding between coats on both sides of the door opening. This was not only a lot of work to ask our customers to do just to prepare an opening, not to mention making it a permanent structure.

In mid 2021, we came up with the idea of combining the awesome features of an Alpha Bookcase style door with our Mirror Doors where the bottom is constructed in the frame of the door. Now when our customer's order our Alpha Mirror Door,

they no longer have to go through that entire process of construction and finishing a lower wall to receive the door.

Going back to a conventional door is as easy as removing the baseboard then removing the door and sliding your old door back in the opening. This is a great feature if you sell your home but want to take your Alpha Mirror Door with you when you go!

Custom Building is in our DNA, it's actually what we do. While we are always coming up with different concepts for builds, we welcome new ideas from our customers. Our professional design team can take help you design the perfect hidden door for just about any need.

So, the question is not necessarily do we have something to hide, the question really is, "Can we use more storage around our home without losing valuable space getting it?"

The answer is, absolutely you can, and Hide-A-Way Doors can made that happen with a beautiful door handmade from Real Wood!

However, if you wanted a door for total concealment, you have come to the right place to get it. Our exclusive Alpha Bookcase and Alpha Mirror Doors Designs are the cutting edge in modern secret doors.

Hide-A-Way Doors, ships anywhere nationwide and most of Canada fully assembled an installs in minutes. Our salesman is waiting to assist you, call 888-928-4534 Ext 704 today!

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